Gold Coast Wedding Photography

Gold Coast Wedding Photography

Clearly you’re searching for Gold Coast wedding photography, so if you’ve made it this far I must have piqued your interest, right?


Your wedding photography is the one chance that you have to look back at this epic day and be able to relive the story with those you love. There is every possibility you’ll be showing these images to your grandparents – and one day – your grandchildren. It may not feel important right this minute, but in five, ten or thirty years it truly is.


This is why I always strive to create images that are as contemporary and as timeless as possible. I blend my documentary style with my fashion experience, and my love of big landscapes, to produce as set of images that reflect your personalities and the event you worked so hard to create. My whole career is based on making grown-ups look good. It’s what I do. It’s a genuine privilege to be invited into such an emotional event like your wedding and be trusted to capture all those emotions and moments, details and experiences that made up a wedding day.


And at the end of it all I get to invite you to see your photos together as a married couple for the first time. It’s pretty cool.


Yes, I’m a Gold Coast wedding photographer, but I also shoot Brisbane and northern NSW / Byron Bay just as often. Honestly, no matter where your wedding is, I can be there. I’m Andrew Thurtell. Let’s talk!

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